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Standard vs Heavy Duty Towbars

Standard Tow Bars for cars provide an economical solution for vehicle owners.  Ideal if you need to hookup a trailer or other small to medium items that needs to be towed, such as a jet ski. Towing up to the weight of 1000 kilos (.98 tonne) is recommended. The tongue can be removed by unfastening two bolts with the use of a ratchet or a spanner. However, most Standard Towbar owners leave the tongue on and fit a soft cover over to protect from accidental knocks against their legs.

Heavy Duty Towbars are popular due to their versatility and convenience. Rated to 3500kg they are suitable for large caravans and heavy tow loads. The tongue may also be adjusted up-down or in-out to best suit the vehicle to the object being towed. The anti-rattle tongue ease of removal is a popular feature by way of a locking pin via key access.    

In conclusion, a standard tow bar is great for light to medium purpose towing and is cheaper than a HD Towbar. A Heavy Duty towbar has more features, capacity and fast removal of the tongue that many vehicle owners find appealing.

Note: Towing capacity may vary among manufacturers and the class of a towbar. Check with the manufacturer or towbar fitter for details.

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