Canningvale Towbar Service Towing Capacity

Towing Capacity/Rating

Towing capacity is determined by the vehicle manufacturer and is specific to the model. Advertised towing capacity may be indicative only and the buyer should check the actual rating of the model that is intended for purchase or owned. For example, the Toyota Hilux range is large and towing capacity may vary from model to model.

Tow Ball Weight is an aspect of towing that is well advised to understand and for safety reasons should not be overlooked. The downward weight pushing down on the tow ball may cause handling and control issues with the vehicle and what is being towed. A hazardous tow ball weight may see vehicles rear suspension being compressed and the front elevated or the opposite. Feeling of steering drift or heavy unresponsive steering may be symptoms of an incorrect tow ball weight.

Replacing the vehicles suspension is often thought to remedy this problem but is generally not a solution. A weight distribution kit is a step in the right direction and correct of the contents of your load.

It is best to seek the advice of an experienced towbar installer or research safe practices and have a weight distribution kit fitted.  

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