Canningvale Towbar Service 2nd Hand Towbars Dont Make This Mistake

Why buy direct from the towbar installer?

Second hand towbars purchased from private sellers or wreckers and even new towbars from retail outlets are often not the best choice.

To purchase a second hand towbar it must have been removed or bought for a vehicle that was for an exact match. Given that each tow bar is specifically fitted to a vehicle for the first time, it therefore makes it difficult to find any cost benefit in paying for the towbar and the labour to modify. Moreover, the purchaser is likely to have trouble in finding an experienced installer wanting to fit it. Issues may include warranty and workmanship, fatigued parts etc.

When purchasing from a retail outlet or e-commerce it may come down to vehicle suitability, vehicle modifications, and if the towbar installer wants to take on a job that is non-procedural. For example, a towbar was purchased for a ute, but the customer was not aware that while the model matched there is a different fit out for a well body and a tray.

Rarely is there any saving in purchasing a second-hand unit or taking a risk of ordering and getting the wrong towbar. Far better to save time and money by consulting an expert to start with and getting it right first time.

Talk to Rod at Canningvale Towbar Service about the correct towbar fit for your vehicle.

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